Shaw announces Shaw Mobile, a low-cost mobile service with a $0 plan

Shaw just announced that they will also be taking part in the competitive Canadian cell phone carrier landscape by offering their own cell service, which they've named Shaw Mobile. As long as you're a customer of Shaw's Fibre+ internet plans at home and you live in BC or Alberta, you're eligible to get the discounted rates that they're offering - and they are definitely discounted.

They're promoting two main plans right now, broken down in the following ways:

Plan 1 - $0 Talk and Text

  • Unlimited Canada-wide calling and unlimited incoming calls
  • Unlimited global text, picture, and video messaging
  • Access to all Shaw Go Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Need data? You can add 1GB of data for $10, and that lasts 90 days

Plan 2 - $45 for 25GB

  • All the same features as above
  • 25GB of data that can be used on Shaw's network
  • 2GB of data that can be used across Canada (you can include the US and Mexico for another $10/month)

You can either choose to bring your own unlocked phone, or you can buy a phone through Shaw Mobile on a tab-style setup. The new iPhone SE will cost you $15/month across 24 months, while the iPhone 11 Pro will set you back $46/month over two years.

Shaw is already in the mobile service game since they own Freedom Mobile, and the service that they're offering is also through Shaw Mobile will also offer 4G LTE on Freedom's network. This is something to note, since during Freedom Mobile's earlier days (even as far back as when they were called Wind), people had trouble getting a reliable connection to the network. Although they likely have come a long way since then, it may be worth double checking that you're able to get cell signal reliably from your home or work. For those times that you're outside of BC or Alberta, you'll be using another carrier's network and will be using part of the 2GB that you have access to if you're on the $45 plan.

If you're not a customer of one of Shaw's Fibre+ internet plans, you're still able to sign up, but you'll be paying more. The $0 plan will cost you $15 a month, and the $45 plan will cost a whopping $85. At that point, it may be worthwhile to switch over to Shaw's home internet plans, which is likely what they're hoping for with this promotion.

To sign up for Shaw Mobile, they're asking that you go into a Shaw store and they'll get you all set up.


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